chemistry: complete the following work sheet, show your work Please do the worksheet on paper, take pictures and convert to PDF.Worksheet 1
CHEM 401
Instructor: Dr. Afra Panahi
1. Some of the most widely used units for pressure are bar, atm and torr. According to table
Name Symbol
1 bar
105 Pa
1 atm
101.325 kPa
1 Torr
133.32 Pa
a. What is 2 bars in atm?
b. What is 3040 Torr in atm?
2. The value of gas constant is 8.314 J/(mol K).
a. What is the value and units of R if the volume is expressed in L (or dm3) and pressure is
in atm? Hint: 1m = 10dm
b. What is the value and unit of R if volume is in dm3 and pressure is in bar?
3. A mixture of 8.00 moles of 4 different prefect gasses (as listed in the following table) occupies
volume of 40.00 dm3 (also referred to as liters) at 298.15 K. (R=0.08205 dm3 atm K-1 mol-1)
Complete the table using the given data.
Partial pressure (atm)
Number of moles
Mole fraction
a. Plot the compression factor, Z of a perfect gas at 10°C versus pressure.
b. Molar volume of an unknown gas at 100 atm and 20°C is 0.35 dm3 mol-1. Are attractions
forces dominant? If the molar volume is 0.192 dm3 mol-1 which forces are dominant?
5. 1.00 dm3 of N2 (g) at 2.10 bar and 300.00K and 2.00 dm3 of Ar (g) at 3.40 bar and 300.00K are
mixed in a 4.00 dm3 flask. They are both perfect gases. If the temperature is kept constant
a. Calculate number of moles of each gas
b. Calculate mole fraction of each gas in the mixture.
c. Calculate the final pressure of the mixture
6. Calculate the pressure of 1.00 mole of an unknown gas at 400.00K and molar volume of
9.42  10 2 dm3 mol-1 if the gas behaves as a van der Waals gas with a = 9.3919 dm6 bar mol-2
and b = 0.090494 dm3mol-1.
7. A sample of 1.00 mole of Xe gas occupies 25.00dm3 at 200.00K. If treated as a perfect gas,
the volume is calculated to be 22.00 dm3. What is the compression factor? Which forces are
8. The b constant for gas A, which is a van der Waals gas, is 0.080494 dm3mol-1. The b
constant is 0.00640954 dm3mol-1 for gas B. Which one of these gases have larger molecular

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