As a reflective paper, you are not required to write in the third person. Rather, use this
opportunity to share your reactions to development of figurative art through the ages.
All other APA formats are required, including a cover page and reference page.Reflection Paper
The Art of the Figure
Figurative art is an art that shows figures and even objects which frequently uses
human figures. It is a kind of artwork which could be paintings, architectures and
sculptures that creates an impression and emphasized it.It d escribes any form of modern
art that retains strong references to the real world and particularly to the human figure. The
term has been particularly used since the arrival of abstractart to refer to artists that retain
aspects of the real world as their subject matter, though in a general sense figurative also
applies retrospectively to all art before abstract art.Modern figurative art can be seen as
distinct from modern realism in that figurative art uses modern idioms, while modern realists
work in styles predating post-impressionism (more or less). In fact, modern figurative art is
more or less identical with the general current of expressionism that can be traced through the
twentieth century and on. Picasso after about 1920 is the great exemplar of modern figurative
painting, and Alberto Giacometti from about 1940 is the great figurative sculptor. After the
Second World War figuration can be tracked through the work of Francis Bacon, Lucian
Freud and the other artists of the School of London, and through pop art, neo-expressionism,
and new spirit painting.
According to Laurie Schneider Adams (2018), The chronology of the Italian
Renaissance, its character, and context have long been a topic of discussion among
scholars. Some date its beginnings to the fourteenth century work of Giotto, others to
the generation of Masaccio, Brunelleschi, and Donatello that flourished from around
1400. The close of the Renaissance has also proved elusive. Mannerism, for example,
is variously considered to be an independent (but subsidiary) late aspect of
Renaissance style or a distinct style in its own right.

Renaissance Art
I have seen a lot of different arts and each of them are unique and beautiful in their
ownways particularly RenaissanceArt. One of the best painting I really love during
Renaissance period specifically in Italy is‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci, Aside
from the fact that it is well recognized all over the world, It is indeed one of the best
masterpiece I have known. It is a half length portrait and an oil painting but it looks
real, Technically Mona Lisa is a real person but the painting made it look even
realest.Although I am quiet confused if Mona Lisa is smiling on the painting or not, Still
it looks good. I also noticedher eyes that whenever I changed my angle of view, Her
eyes still seems to follow me and It’s very amazing.
On the other hand, Renaissance period In Northern Europeincluded landscape, portrait,
animal, still life, biblical narrative, and rural labor and everyday life paintings. What I love
about their art is that it depicts paintings that emphasizes common scenes and subjects
with more moralistic view at modern existence. Ghent Altarpiece by Jan Van Eyck was
probably one of my favorite painting during this time because it is quite intriguing and
mysterious. The painting is very detailed and precise in nature and it trulyastound me as
it is not only recognized as the masterpiece but the epitome of spirit and genius of
Northern Europe.Moreover,The Northern Europe Renaissance focused more on
empirical observation and accurately paying attention to details of visual reality.
Whilethe Italian Renaissance, isprecisely portraying visual reality through proportion,
perspective, and also the human anatomy.But above all, they are both distinct yet an
awesome work of art.

Baroque Art
Baroque is an artistic style of art which is highly detailed and elaborated.Its style is
somehow related and encouragedby the Catholic Church which makes it simple yet
fascinating. It uses contrast, movement, jaunty detail and it is deep in color,Baroque
churches were map out with a large central space, where the worshippers could be
close to the altar. Personally, I love how baroque art is being characterized by its
intense light and dark shadows which gives more emphasis on the figure whether it is
Sculpture, Architecture or Painting.The masterpiece that I adore during this period is the
life-sized Baroque marble sculpture of ‘Apollo and Daphne’ by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
because, by just its position you can already know the story behind of that figure. I
actually love the idea of the sculptor where he made it to look at it from the side
because in thatway the viewer was able to see the reactions of Apollo and Daphne at
the same timewithout having to move their position.

Rococo Art
The Rococo style waswidespread in interior design, painting, sculpture and the
decorative arts.I have seen an interior design at present but the Rococo style is way
more elegant because it was fused in nature which makes it look clean and pleasing to
the eyes. The finest painting I love during this certain period is the ‘Pilgrimage to
Cythera’ by Jean-Antoine Watteau because of the fact that he uses an expressive
colors which presented the nature fantastically. The painting is also a Renaissance-style
landscape with a symbolic scene whereas a group of couples just merely returned or
set out from Cythera. Each of thecouples in the foreground represents a different phase
of romance. But, honestly it is very tricky for me because you wouldn’t know what it’s
representing and what’s in it unless you studied the painting very well.

Age of Enlightenment
Age of Enlightenment which is also known as Age of Reason was connected with the
Scientific Revolution. It was a conceptual and theoretical development which
influenced the world of ideas in Europe.During that particular period, a lot of
Philosophers was influenced by the enlightenment,examples are Rene Descartes and
Francis Bacon.Basically, The Age of Enlightenment has made me become
educatedabout a particularstudy and gives mepractical idea since it emphasizes
reason, individualism and skepticism. For me, It is the most useful period because this
is where numerous of books, essays, inventions, scientific discoveries, innovations
and laws was produced and now we used it in our daily lives. I could not imagine our
lives would be if there’s no enlightenment that happened. Perhaps, we would not be
knowledgeable enough and a lot of people are still illiterate at this time. I’m so grateful
that it happened becauseit is indeed useful for everybody and itmade me very

Age of Romanticism
Age of Romanticism which is also known as the Romantic Era was essentially an
artistic style of different works in literary, musical, and intellectual movement that
begins in Europe.Itcharacterized many worksof literature, painting, architecturemusic
and historiography in Western Civilization.I love this era because numerous of good
musical was produced, its melody and rhythm are very calming and soothing in my
ears and you can feel the emotions as well. I also love this era due to the fact that this
is where lot of prominent Romantic Writers arises. They had distinctive written works
which is very good to read especially if you are into reading. One of the finest example
for Romanticism in Literature I have read is the poem entitle ‘To Autumn’ by John
Keats. This is considered as one of the best romantic poem of its time, It basically
expounds the autumn through using your imagination, intuition and idealism as well.
As I have been reading, exploring and studying all these topics, I have realized and
learned a lot from this,I gathered information and gained enough knowledge.
Therefore, I conclude thatArt is very essential in our lives and it is very useful.
However, I kind of feel sad because some people still doesn’t have any idea about the
real essence of art and they alsothink that an artist is useless and disdain. If you are
going to examine the past era where a lot of art works was made, you would realize
how clever they are, back in that specific period.It was an amazing journey for me as I
was able to travel and witness how an art was produced and developed by just
reading and exploring the World of Art. Each Period has a particular purpose and
reason, some are controversial but still animpressive work of art, if I may say. It
definitely helped me to appreciate even more the beauty of an artwork, I salute an
artist because it absolutely requires a lot of patience, effort, courage and confidence in
making one, they deserve recognition.


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