Choose a film for your final paper and jot down some of its metaphors/structural truths here.The film that I choose is : Dogtooth by Yorgos LanthimosPlease follow what you wrote and add more metaphors/structural truths in the movie.Please add round 2pages on what you wrote.Running head: DOGTOOTH BY YORGOS LANTHIMOS
Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos
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Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos
Dogtooth is a movie by Yorgos Lanthimos that was produced in 2009. It talks about a
family that is caged and not exposed to the outside world. The family is composed of two girls in
their teens and one boy in his twenties. Both the father and the mother agree on the mode of
training their children. Lack of exposure to the outside world makes the children feel curios.
They tend to imagine what could be in the outside world and why they are not allowed into it.
The film has a lot of themes, such as control, imagination, abuse, and manipulation. All these
themes reveal structural truths in the film that relates to reality in the world. For example, the
father controls the entire family where he makes decisions and manipulates the family into doing
things he wants. This reflects our current society where the father controls everything in the
house. The essay will focus on how Dogtooth film portrays structural truths.
Structural Truths
The first theme that is evident in the entire film is control. The father manage family like
a man controlling his dogs. The family is caged, and the mother too, is not allowed to go out.
The children are taught the wrong meaning of words as a way to make them not be attracted to
the outside world. The isolation makes the children grow with some characters that make them
not fit well in the society. The feather likens the training of children to that of dogs. In one
conversation with the dog trainer, the father says that “Our job is to mold them. A dog may be
energetic, a fighter cowardly, or gentle. All this requires work patience and care from us. Every
dog is waiting for us to show it how it should behave.” This relates well with the political
structure in society. In most countries, politics is arranged as per the political parties. The parties
have their leaders who control all other members of the party. The members have to agree to the
decision of the leader even if it is terrible. The movie depicts the current society where power is
in the hands of a few people.
The theme of control also shows how society cannot accept people who do not do what
the society likes. The father controls his children, and when the daughter breaks, the film does
not reveal her getting to the outside world. This shows that the control given to her does not fit
the societal expectation thus cannot be accepted to the outside world. The movie director brings
questions to the society on who controls us that makes others not accepted in society. Apart from
political leaders, society is controlled by the religious leaders who tell people what to do, and the
followers do without questions. The religious leaders are managing the society in a way that
followers do not realize the influence of control. Metaphorically, the films show that human
being is controlled even though the person controlling might not be known.
Another theme that reveals the structural truths in the movie is abuse. The film shows
many cases of abuse that the children undergo. The father deprives them of freedom to do things,
they are taught the wrong meaning of words, and they are abused sexually. The abuse also shows
a structural truth that in one way or another, people with power abuse us. The society is
structured in a way that all people wants things that benefit them and make them gain power and
money. As such, if one is given chance to control others, they are likely to abuse them if that will
make them gain power and money. In the film, the father abuses children intending to ensure that
they remain naïve of the outside world. Perhaps the outside world is bad, and the father does not
want the children to be bad.
Caging the daughters give him easy control over them. As such, this also depicts the
oppression that people have in society. The father brings a security guard to have sex with the
son but does not consider the sexual needs of the girls. The society is also structured in the same
manner where men’s needs matter most than female needs. Keeping the family from the outside
world makes them imagine what is happening and why they are not allowed in there.
Imagination relates well with the current society where caging make people curios and starts to
imagine why they are not permitted in certain places.
Manipulation is also another theme that portrays itself in the films where the father
manipulates the family in doing what he wants. The father is the only one who goes outside the
home to work in a workshop. The mother and the children are manipulated in remaining at home
and do what the father wants. The issue of manipulation is a structural truth as it relates to
society in the current world. Religiously, fathers are considered as the head of the house. This
makes them make decisions of all things that happen in the house. According to the film, both
mother and father agree on the mode of training the children in the house. However, they have
never discussed the issue in detail. The mother does not go out, and this is manipulation by the
father. Manipulation flows throughout the film as it depict a society where some gender are
neglected as men are considered superior. Manipulation is reflected both in the social and
political culture today where one person who has high political power or from high social class
manipulates others to do what they want.
Dogtooth portrays structural truth in various ways. Its themes such as control,
manipulation, imagination and abuse represent the true meaning of the society and how politics
and social issues of the community are organized. The control themes portray the father in the
film as the current political leaders who control all the people they lead. The father also abuses
the freedom of the children by denying them the freedom of movement. Children are taught the
wrong meaning of things as a way to make them naive to the outside world. This relates to the
political leaders in the current society who gives people wrong hopes in a way to convince them
to be elected and do contrary after the election. The movie also portrays a society where those
with power manipulates the people they control. Generally, the film is a real picture of society as
it relates to reality in the community.

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