Which protists are part of the Unikonta supergroup?Group of answer choicesAmoeba and choanoflagellatesChoanoflagellates and alveolatesDiatoms and dinoflagellatesWhich supergroup do protists with chloroplast pigments, like green algae, belong to?ExcavataArchaeplastidaChromalveolataWhich bacteria include those that make us sick, such as E. coli and Salmonella?Group of answer choicesGamma proteobacteriaAlpha proteobacteriaCyanobacteriaWhich prokaryotic domain is most closely related to animals and protists?Group of answer choicesArchaeaEukaryaBacteriaThe many species of cichlids of Lake Victoria are an example of which evolutionary process?Group of answer choicesAllopatric speciationSympatric speciationHabitat isolationThe ancestor of which bacteria was the first to photosynthesize, drastically changing earth’s atmosphere?Group of answer choicesGamma proteobacteriaCyanobacteriaAlpha proteobacteriaA mule, which is a hybrid, cannot produce its own offspring due to which type of barrier?Group of answer choicesHybrid inviabilityHybrid breakdownHybrid sterilitySpeciation can occur without geographic isolation with which type of speciation event?Group of answer choicesGametic speciationSympatric speciationAllopatric speciationThe reproductive isolating mechanism in which two closely related species live in the same geographic area but perform very different mating rituals isGroup of answer choiceshabitat isolationbehavioral isolationgametic isolationA cross between 2 species of sunflowers with fertilization occurring, but the embryos die before reaching maturity is which type of barrier?Group of answer choicesHybrid inviabilityHybrid sterilityHybrid breakdownA bee that can’t reach into the pollen tube of a plant the way that a butterfly can demonstratesGroup of answer choicesmechanical isolation.behavioral isolation.gametic isolation.Two species of flycatchers (birds) do not mate in Minnesota because one lives in the forest while the other lives in the open grasslands demonstrates which isolating mechanism?Group of answer choicesTemporal isolation.Habitat isolationMechanical isolation.The fossil record has illustrated evolutionary changes in which one of the following aspects of modern horses?Group of answer choicesAs the landscape shifted from dense forest to open grasslands, teeth got larger and the number of toes was reduced.Brains got larger as they needed to outsmart predators.Since grasses are easier to chew, teeth became smaller.A postzygotic barrier preventsGroup of answer choicesthe fertilization of gametes.reproductive success by an interspecific hybridthe union of egg and sperm.Traits that are similar in function, but evolved independently, not from a recent common ancestor, is calledGroup of answer choiceshomologous.vestigial.homoplastic.Traits that are nonfunctional or remnants of functional structures in ancestors are calledGroup of answer choicesvestigial.homologous.homoplastic.Genes that are exchanged between organisms from unrelated taxons, instead of inherited through descent is called,Group of answer choicesDescent gene transferHorizontal gene transferVertical gene transferDolphins and humans both have the ability to nurse their young, whereas the less closely related sharks do not. The ability to nurse their young would be called…Group of answer choicesan ancestral trait of all vertebrates.a shared derived character of fish and mammals.a shared derived character of mammals.A group of organisms descended from a common ancestor, and some but not all the descendants is calledGroup of answer choicesMonophyleticPolyphyleticParaphyletic

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