1.How could you correct the sentence fragment below?Trudy and Vince had set up the tents by the time we arrived.Leave it as it is.Add back at camp before arrived.Add already after Vince.Add three before tents2.The most exciting point in a play or story is called theclimaxbasic situationrising actionresolution3.How do you fix sentence fragments? Select all that apply.by making the sentence a complete thoughtby adding a verbby adding a subjectby adding an adjective4.Where should you look to check a word’s spelling? Select all that apply.an encyclopediaan online dictionaryspell check for a word processing programa print dictionary5.Which of the words below is an exception to this rule?undefinedFor words ending with silent e, drop the e before adding a suffix beginning with a vowel, such as –ing, –ive, –able, or –er.creativetimerdyeingreceivable6.When you read a play, how do you know what the actors are supposed to do?by reading the actors wordsby reading the stage directionsby reading the cast of characters7.What is a play’s conflict?the time and place where the story happensevents that make up the story in the playthe struggle between two forces in the playthe people and animals in the play8.How could you correct the sentence fragment below?Drove to the park, parked the car, and ate her lunch.Leave it as it is.Add Lena after before drove.Add city before park.Add sack before lunch9.What does a play have that a story doesn’t? Select all that apply.charactersactsscenessetting10.When you visualize something, you areremembering somethingmaking an educated guessimagining what is happening11.Which of the following is NOT an example of an informational text?A story told from the point of view of a dogA magazine article on the science of earthquakesA newspaper story about an important eventA biographical sketch12.What did the article “Caring for a Cat” want to tell readers?Why cats are not a good choice for a pet.About how much trouble cats can be.About a cat whose owner was on a trip.About the author’s experience getting a cat.Caring for a Cat
Caring for a Cat
Not too long ago, I visited an animal shelter and fell in love with a playful black and white kitten. My dad told me I
could have her if I promised to take care of her. I’ve had Oreo for about a month now, and I’ve learned some things
about caring for cats.
Before getting Oreo, my mom and I went to the store and bought several things for her. We got food and water
bowls, some toys, and a cat bed. We also picked up cat food and a cat carrier. I thought we would buy cat litter,
but my mom had a better idea. Since we have a fenced yard, she wanted to install a cat door. She called my dad,
and he had the door installed before we got home.
Next, we picked up Oreo and took her to the vet. The vet gave us some medicine to help control fleas and ticks.
Then he checked Oreo over, and told us when she needed to come back and see him again. We took Oreo home
after that and turned her loose in the house. She was scared at first and hid under the bed. I was finally able to
coax her out with a bowl of milk.
Soon Oreo was looking around the house. After she tried to climb the curtains, my dad closed off the bedroom
doors. He told me to keep an eye on her at all times to keep her out of trouble. Oreo caused problems for three
days. She explored everything, knocked over plants, and tried to use the bathroom in a corner. I discovered that
taking care of a cat can be a full-time job.
Finally, Oreo settled down, but she refused to sleep in her cat bed. She wanted to sleep in bed with me. I would
have let her, but my mom told me that was starting a bad habit. One day Oreo found an empty box and curled up
in it. I found her asleep there several times. Finally, I put some soft blankets in the box, and Oreo loved it. On her
own Oreo found a bed.
The best thing about Oreo is that she loves to play. Sometimes, though, I’m busy and can’t play with her. When this
happens, she is up all night causing trouble. Finally, I made a schedule. The first thing I do every morning is put out
fresh food and water. After Oreo eats, I play with her for 15 minutes before school. Then she curls up in her bed
and sleeps for most of the day. When I get home after school, I play with her again for about 30 minutes. I give her
more food in the evening and play with her one more time before I go to bed. This keeps both my cat and my
parents happy. Oreo feels loved, and my parents know she won’t be tearing the house apart in the middle of the
My other favorite thing about Oreo is that she loves to be petted. I discovered that she likes to have her ears and
back scratched several times a day. But my friend’s cat is not so friendly. His cat snarls at you if you try to scratch
him too much. I’ve learned that each cat likes different things, so it’s best to find out what your cat likes and only
do those things.
Every month we doctor Oreo with the medicine for fleas and ticks. She does not like this and meows loudly. My
mom finally discovered a way to keep her from clawing us. She wraps a soft towel around Oreo and holds her
down. Then I quickly put the medicine on her and turn her loose.
I’ve learned so much about caring for a cat. You need to give your cat food and water every day. You must play
with her regularly and give her a safe place to sleep. You also have to doctor her and take her to the vet. Caring for
a cat is a lot of work, but Oreo is worth it.

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