I need help with this paper but first off please tell me what one you pick you want to do please. I can also send you chapters that needed review if you would like to please ask.Contrastive Analysis Paper
• Students will be able to write a contrastive analysis essay of two cultures using popular literature or film as
the medium for analysis.
• Students will exhibit their developing cultural competence, in written form, as they prepare to enter the
teaching field with culturally and diverse learners.
Note: Elements of Course Goals #1 & 2 are included as the focus will be on culturally and/or linguistically diverse
Important note: Special education majors, who are taking this course to meet their world diversity requirement,
should not choose The King’s Speech as it does not directly involve a cultural difference (as used by our text).
General Directions: Read the full directions and grade form, select an option under choices, follow the
preparations, and write a five-page (minimum) contrastive analysis.
Choices (pick one):
• The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of
Two Cultures, by Anne Fadiman,1997. An award-winning book about the Hmong culture faced with U.S.
(west coast) culture, with story line involving a group of war refugees and a child with a seizure disorder.
Be very careful to explore outside of one’s own cultural lens. (Chapter in culture text on Asian roots most

The Middle of Everywhere: Helping Refugees Enter the American Community, by Mary Pipher, 2002.
Another book about refugees (from a diverse group of countries), though these settled in the Lincoln,
Nebraska (Midwest) area of the country. (Assorted chapters in culture text will be relevant, though not all
groups covered. Perusing UNICEF site might prove helpful.)

God Grew Tired of Us, award-winning film narrated by Nicole Kidman, 2006. Chronicles the story of
three “lost boys” of Sudan, a country in Africa that has experienced civil war, who came here under refugee
status. (No specific chapter in culture text, so focus on first three general chapters, your collective
knowledge of other chapters, and some searching via UNICEF and other sites.)

Spanglish, a mass-marketed film starring Adam Sandler (PG13, sex and language). The story of a woman
and her child who cross the Mexican border in search for a better life. There are multiple ways to analyze
this film, but for the purposes of this course, focus on cultural and linguistic differences. For example, how
do Latino culture and U.S. macroculture differ, and what then are the implications, especially in the
educational system? And what are the differences between acquiring a second language as an adult in
comparison to a child? Other differences include gender roles and socio-economic status, which you are
free to comment upon, but which should not be the focus of this paper. (Chapter in culture text on Latino
roots most relevant.)

Children of a Lesser God, 1986 film starring William Hurt and Marlee Matlin. A classic on the cultural
conflicts between the deaf and hearing worlds, with the view that deafness is a difference, not a disability.
Matlin, herself, is deaf, so the signing and emotions portrayed are accurate. You might find it interesting to
compare views in this film with the assortment of views presented by the Artinian family in the online
engagement discussion board assignment. (Again, no specific chapter in culture text, so focus on first three
general chapters, your collective knowledge of other chapters, and a search for information on deafness as a
difference vs. disability.)

The King’s Speech, Academy Award-winning film starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena
Bonham Carter (rated R for language). An option for non-special education majors only as it does not
involve cultural differences (other than socio-economic status). A film, based on a true story, of the speech
disability of stuttering and how it can impact one’s life. (Focus on speech, not language – what is the
difference?) You will want to consider the first three chapters in the culture text, the material in the
language learning disabilities text, and then write a contrastive analysis involving functioning in the world
with no impairments vs. with an impairment and a contrastive analysis involving speech therapy in the time
of the film vs. today (both techniques and qualifications for therapists). Required source (among others of
your choosing): Historical and Cultural Influences on Establishing Professional Legitimacy: A Case
Example from Lionel Logue, by Judith Felson Duchan, American Journal of Speech-Language-Pathology,
2012, Vol. 21, 387-396.
1. Review the first three chapters in your Developing Cross-Cultural Competence text which cover concepts
and general issues related to cultural diversity. Make sure you are firm in your understanding of key
points and concepts.
Again using your culture text, review characteristics of those of the U.S. macroculture, currently AngloEuropean roots, as that culture is currently the one used in comparison of others (in the educational
system, corporate world, political system, etc.).
Still using your culture text, review the chapter that best pertains to your book/film choice above.
Read/watch your choice, carefully taking notes that pertain in some way to cultural and/or linguistic
differences. For films, it would be good to watch more than once: first time for general plot and character
understanding, second time to focus on issues of linguistic and cultural differences, and third time to affirm
that your notes are accurate/not misconstrued in some way.
Using your critical thinking skills, apply your developing knowledge of culture to your chosen option.
You will need to synthesize all the material you have been reading (which is why you first reviewed all of
it). Then you will need to analyze the material by comparing (what is similar) and contrasting (what is
different) the cultural/linguistic differences you noted. You might find the critical thinking document,
found in the introductory folder in Bb, to be helpful.
Explore other academic, peer-reviewed sources for additional information (or sites such as UNICEF re:
refugee issues) as needed to expand your understanding of issues.
Writing of Paper:
7. Write an essay that 1) analyzes the main features of the two cultures, 2) contrasts them, and 3) discusses
implications for those involved. As future educators, you will want to consider how your (perhaps
subconscious) views from your own culture and the macroculture may impact your students from the other
culture, and how your views might – knowingly and unknowingly – impact your students’ families. You
will also want to consider these differences from the viewpoints of your students and their families, and
how this would impact their schooling. Finally, you will want to explore how difficult it is to navigate
various systems (in particular the educational system) within the macroculture if one is not part of it,
especially during the first generation here.
Four-page minimum of text (plus references in APA style). Format: Times, 12 point, single-space, doublespace between paragraphs, one-inch margins, left justification; name & course section only, in upper right
corner (or include an additional cover page if you want to add more information such as date, instructor
name, etc.); formal, academic, standard American English required. Note that this paper is meant to
challenge you; as such, expectations will be high. Remember: Late papers not accepted, and partial credit
not assigned.
Evaluation Criteria*
*Notes: Some of the essay criteria below many need to be modified dependent upon option chosen (especially with
The King’s Speech which has its own requirements). If in doubt, consult with your instructor. All areas need to be
very good to excellent in order to earn a “pass” on this assignment. Revisions or initial read-throughs by instructor
are not options; this is a culminating project for the “A” bundle.
Legend: P = pass, W = weak (not a pass)

Evidence of a firm grasp of concepts regarding cultural competence.

Evidence of a firm grasp of cultural characteristic of those of the U.S. macroculture (Anglo-European

Evidence of a firm grasp of the cultural characteristics of specific microculture group in project choice.

Evidence of high level of critical thinking skills, specific synthesis of course material related to cultural and
linguistic diversity.

Evidence of being able to apply cultural knowledge beyond the texts/classroom to the real-world (using

Evidence of being able to analyze situations objectively, rather than only through one’s own cultural lens.

Evidence of ability to search for high quality peer-reviewed academic journals for additional information.

Evidence of having developed life-long learning skills, such as self-motivation, self-initiative, and such.

Essay: Description of the main features of both cultural groups

Essay: Analysis contrasting the main features of both cultural groups

Essay: Implications for those involved, including:
o How your views will impact your future students
o How your views will impact your future students’ families
o What the viewpoints of your students might be and how this would impact their schooling
o What the viewpoints of your students’ families might be and how this would impact their
children’s schooling

Essay: Challenges for those trying to navigate systems within the macroculture, especially for the first

Use of formal, academic standard American English

Well-written, cohesive, and coherent essay

Close following of required format

Overall evidence of a high level of cultural competence development and ability to articulate it in a
scholarly written form.

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