Intermediate ALGEBRA HW 20 problems total Please show all work, handwritten.. Due Sept 30thName _____________ Date ____
(5 points each). Show you work completely. No partial credit will be given to any unsupported
1. For the following expressions, perform the operation on each side of the blank. Then,
fill in the blank by selecting the proper symbol: ,or=.
-12 + 10 ____ 12 + (-14 )
2. Find the value of the following expression using the rules for order of operations.
-4 + (3) 2 -;- (-5 – 4) · 3
3. Simplify the algebraic expression by combining like (or similar) terms.
2x + [9x – 4(3x + 4) – 7]
4. Solve the linear equation and simplify your answer. Express your solution as an integer,
a simplified fraction, or a decimal rounded to two decimal places.
n + 2n – 3.5 = l.l(n + 2)
5. Solve the linear equation and simplify your answer. Express your solution as an integer,
a simplified fraction, or a decimal rounded to two decimal places.
i(y + ½) = i(Y +
Name _____________ Date ____
6. Sue is 6 inches shorter than her 69 inch tall father. How tall is Sue in inches?
7. The author of a book was told that he would have to cut the number of pages by 22%
for the book to sell at a popular price and still make a profit. If these cuts were made,
what percent of the original number of pages was in the final version?
8. Last year Sarah invested money in two accounts. The first account had an interest rate
of 2% and the second account had an interest rate of 5%. If she invested $100 more in
the first account than the second and her total interest income was $422, how much did
she invest at each rate?
9. Consider the following inequality
S)� 2x
Solve the linear inequality for the given variable. Simplify and express your answer in
algebraic notation. Graph the solution to the given inequality.
Name ————- Date —10. Solve the following equation:
4 IY + 1 I – 16
Express the answer in set notation. Graph the solution set on the number line below.
11. Solve and graph the following inequality:
412y – 11 + 12 < 7 12. Use the x- andy-intercepts to graph of the equation. 5x + y = 5. 13. Consider the followingy-intercept and slope: (O, 5), m 4 5 Graph and find the equation of the line for they-intercept and slope given above. Name _____________ Date ___ Professor 14. Find the equation (in slope-intercept form) of the line with the given slope that passes through the point with the given coordinates. slope: -/, ordered pair: ( -4, 1) 15. Consider the function: f(x) 3x + 4 Find the value of f ( 3) and f (a - 2). 16. Graph the solution set of the following linear inequality: 2x + Sy < 10 (MAT 095- 02, Pre-College Algebra - Fall 2020} Name ------------- Date ---- 17. Simplify the expression using the properties of exponents. Expand any numerical portion of your answer and only include positive exponents. (4':2t) 2 18. Evaluate the given polynomial at: x = -3, y = -2. Replace the variable(s) in the polynomial with the specific value(s) given and determine the value of the polynomial by performing the indicated operations. xy 3 + Sy - 8 19. Multiply the binomials using the FOIL method and combine like terms. (3x - 8)(2x + 1) 20. Divide using the division algorithm. Write your answer in the form Q degree of R is less than the degree of D. 2x 3 + x2 - x - 18 x-2 + � where the Purchase answer to see full attachment

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