QUESTION 1A Legacy of European Colonial rule in Africa?a.Mono-crop economiesb.Corruptionc.Military intervention in African governmentsd.All of the above2 points QUESTION 2An example of a Charter Company (Company Rule) in Colonial Africa?a.British South Africa Companyb.The Rudd Concessionc.The Berlin Conferenced.d.) All of the above2 points QUESTION 3An Impact of Colonial Rule in Africa?a.Contemporary African Disunityb.Respect for African Dignityc.None of the aboved.All of the above2 points QUESTION 4The decolonization process in Africa (between 1930 and 1945) was caused by which of the following?a.The Great Depressionb.Italy’s invasion of Ethiopiac.The Second World Ward.All of the above2 points QUESTION 5An Economic impact of European colonialism in Africa was?a.Overemphasis on the primary sectorb.Limited infrastructurec.Neglect of subsistence agricultured.All of the above2 points QUESTION 6Why was the process of decolonization slow in Algeria, Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe?a.Too many Muslimsb.Too many churchesc.Too many European settlersd.None of the above2 points QUESTION 7The two former colonies that united to become Tanzania were?a.Kenya and Tanzaniab.Zanzibar and Zebrac.Azania and Tanzaniad.Zanzibar and Tanganyika2 points QUESTION 8A Disadvantage of Charter Companies?a.Driven by financial concerns and short-term gainsb.Associated with too much brutalityc.Responsible for flight of whole populations in regions under their controld.All of the above2 points QUESTION 9An Advantage of Direct Rule?a.Lower costs to Europeansb.Improvements in Educationc.Clear Chain of commandd.All of the above2 points QUESTION 10A disadvantage of direct rule?a.High investment in work forceb.Presence of unsavory charactersc.Stratification of African Societyd.Only A and B above2 points QUESTION 11A consequence of conscription (forcing Africans to work camps)?a.Alienated chiefs from their subjectsb.Decline in food productionc.It led to prostitution and/or homosexualityd.All of the above2 points QUESTION 12The French policy of assimilation wanted Africans to do what?a.To be racist b.To migrate to France c.To eat only food produced in Franced.To be free by joining French civilization2 points QUESTION 13A Consequence of the First World War for Africa?a.Berlin Colonial Conferenceb.Brussels Conventionc.Undermining of rural African economiesd.High credit card bills2 points QUESTION 14In colonial Days, Ghana used to be officially known as?a.Southern Rhodesiab.Northern Rhodesiac.Gold Coastd.None of the above2 points QUESTION 15Colonial administrators were criticized for which of the following?a.Imposing taxes on Africansb.Forcing Africans to work for free or little pay c.The Eurocentric nature of colonial educationd.All of the above2 points QUESTION 16The policy of Assimilation was tested/applied in which colony?a.Kenyab.Ghanac.Zambiad.Senegal2 points QUESTION 17This statement is true of European settlers in Africa during colonial rule?a.Settlers demanded special privilegesb.Settlers formed associations to lobby for their rightsc.Settlers demanded too much landd.All of the above2 points QUESTION 18The Herero Revolt took place in which colony in Africa?a.South Africab.German South-West Africac.Angolad.Cameroon2 points QUESTION 19Indirect Rule was practiced in one of the following colonies in Africa?a.Congob.Angolac.Nigeriad.All of the above2 points QUESTION 20The Act of Union in 1910 took place in one of the following colonies in Africa?a.Ugandab.Botswanac.South Africad.Angola2 points QUESTION 21Eurocentric historians feel that Colonialism was not good for Africa True False2 points QUESTION 22There were more whites than blacks in settler colonies True False2 points QUESTION 23The establishment of mono-crop economies increased subsistence food crop production in Africa True False2 points QUESTION 24Direct rule was a system where Europeans ruled some African territories using local chiefs True False2 points QUESTION 25Conscription (forced labor) disrupted the African way of life True False2 points QUESTION 26Colonial labor policies led to a decline in food production in Africa True False2 points QUESTION 27Colonial taxation was introduced to force Africans into labor service for the colonizers True False2 points QUESTION 281.Colonial systems in Africa were instruments of social reorganization True False2 points QUESTION 291.All Africans benefitted economically from European colonial rule True False2 points QUESTION 30Europeans developed a very good healthcare system in Africa True False31)A social impact of European colonial rule?32) Who (person) was the architect of Indirect Rule in Africa?33)

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