please show all the explination don’t skip anything…………………………………………Homework #9: Newton’s laws, inertia, mass, weight
Instructions: Answer the following questions. Show your reasoning clearly.
1. Can an object be in equilibrium when only one force acts on it? Explain.
2. A ball thrown straight up has zero velocity at its highest point. Is the ball in equilibrium at this
point? Why or why not?
3. When a car stops suddenly, the passengers tend to move forward relative to their seats. Why?
When a car makes a sharp turn, the passengers tend to slide to one side of the car. Why?
4. True or false? You push on an object with force of magnitude F1 and it pushes back on you with a
force of magnitude F2. F1 = F2 when the object is moving with a constant velocity, but F1 > F2 if the
object is speeding up. Explain your answer.
5. A car and a small truck are moving toward each other at the same speed when they collide. If the
car has the same weight as the truck, describe the magnitudes of the forces acting on the car and on
the truck during the collision.
The force of the car on the truck is greater than the force of the truck on the car.
The force of the car on the truck is less than the force of the truck on the car.
The force of the car on the truck is equal to the force of the truck on the car.
There are no forces between the car and truck.
None of the above.
6. Imagine a book sitting on a table. The book is pulled down by its weight, which is the force of
gravity exerted on it by the Earth. What is the correct reaction force to the book’s weight, according
to Newton’s 3rd Law?
a. the normal force of the table holding up the book.
b. the force of the book pulling up on the Earth.
c. the force of the table pressing down on the Earth.
d. the normal force of the Earth holding the table up.
e. there is no reaction force because it is not accelerating.
7. A box is sitting on the icy surface of a frozen pond, which you can treat as frictionless. If a man
pushes on the box horizontally, with a force of 48.0 N, the box accelerates at 2.20 m/s2. What is the
mass of the box?
8. A 950-kg tow-truck is pulling an 880-kg car north on a level road. The truck exerts a force of 1600 N
on the car. What is the magnitude and direction of the force that the car exerts on the truck?
9. A 65-kg skydiver jumps out of an airplane and falls toward the ground. At one instant, the
magnitude of the skydiver’s acceleration is 4.8 m/s2. What is the net force acting on the sky diver?

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