The Bhagavad Gita Paper Prompts. The prompt is described as a sequence of questions but your paper should have a coherent and smooth flow to the writing so that one would not need to see the prompt in order to follow your writing easily. Each paper should have an introduction and conclusion that synthesizes the points of the paper into one statement about the author’s work. (The introduction and the conclusion need to be their own paragraphs.) Also, you need to use at least two quotes. You must cite the page numbers in parentheses after the quote. For example, (p. 11) Metaphysics – Give a brief review of what the whole book is about. Then according The Bhagavad Gita, answer the following questions with as much detail as you can and still have the paper the appropriate length.Why does Arjuna not want to battle?Krishna gives Arjuna many reasons to battle. One is that it is his duty. Why is it Arjuna’s duty?Another reason Krishna speaks of is that reality is not founded in this world. Where is the soul of every person based?What does this have to do with reincarnation and salvation in Hinduism (as we discussed in class)?Ultimately, The Bhagavad Gita seems to monistic. Explain this.Do you think monism is a compelling way of understanding metaphysics? Why or why not?Self – atman – God (Brahman – divine
basis for ALL things)
Self = atman
Self = God
Atman = God
Tom is God, Jane is God
Tom is Jane
Monism – there really exists only one
thing – if it seems that two things exist,
they are really the exact same thing
Ultimately, the goal of existence is to fully
realize that all is Brahman
Unattachment – act with no regard for the
Hinduism – comes from Arabic – Things East of the Indus
River – refers multiple religions
Vedas – earliest scripture (1500 BC)
Hymns and sacrificial cult
▪ Vedic gods
• Agni – fire
• Indra – war
• Soma- soma – drink
• Varuna – god associated with justice and mercy
Upanishads – less about sacrificial ritual and more about asceticism
(spiritual self-discipline)
➢ Ganesh – Elephant-headed god associated with worldly aid
➢ Shiva – associated with created things
➢ Vishnu – god which underlies all reality
▪ Avatars – a body which the god assumes to interact with the
• Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu
Atman – the spiritual essence of a person’s existence (soul)
Go through many lives – reincarnation
Atmans live in samsara (this earthly world) but want to break free
from the life cycle
Hope is to achieve moksha – (being free from the cycle of
Karma – divine force for justice
Good are rewarded; bad are punished
Dharma – is a duty for one’s life with which you are born
Caste system – religious social hierarchy
1. Brahmin- priestly
2. Kshatriya – rulers/warriors
3. Vaishya – artisans, farmers, merchants
4. Shudra – manual laborers
Dalit – menial tasks
3 Bs
1. brahmin – priestly caste
2. Brahma – god associated with creation
3. Brahman – divine basis for all reality
The Bhagavad Gita
Krishna is Vishnu
Pandu (Pandavas) vs. Kuru (Kauravas)
Metaphysics – reality
Reasons to fight:
1. Reincarnation
a. Atman – the soul – a piece of the Brahman
2. Dharma
Detachment – unmoved by success or failure
Self (atman)= the Supreme Spirit (Brahman)
Tom is Brahman; Jane is Brahman; Tom is Jane; all is Brahman
Monism – there is only one thing
Moksha – becoming one (rejoining) with Brahman
Brahman- seen as personal or non-personal
Vishnu is Brahman
1) Cover Sheet (Name & Paper Title [Including which Prompt])
2) Font [1pt.]
3) Font size [1pt.]
4) Margins [1pt.]
5) Spacing [1pt.]
6) Page # [2pts.]
Grammar & Style
1) [-1pt for every glaring grammar mistake after 3 {-5pts max}]
2) How coherent is the paper’s train of thought? [0pts – 5pts]
1) Quality Introduction [5pts]
2) Summary of whole book [5pts]
3) Answering each subquestion adequately [9pts each]
4) Synthesizing Conclusion [10pts]
5) At least 2 quotes [3pts each. max 6pts]
Length (Determined with proper formatting)
1) Too Short [- 20pts per page short]
2) Too Long [-5pts per page long]
Max Points Points
Late [-15pts per class day late (max of -45pts)]

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