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Coronavirus : Chinese and U.S Responses
Jingwen Feng
Department of Linguistics and Language Development
LLD 100W: Writing Workshop
Dr. Sharmin Khan
December 5. 2020
Now coronavirus is the hottest topic in the world. The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed a
large part of the world, affecting human life and social development. The virus originated from a
wild animal market in Wuhan. Therefore, this paper explains what coronavirus is, and describes
that two countries affected by the epidemic situation, namely China and the United States, have
used different ways to solve the problem. China has blocked Wuhan and other nearby cities to
avoid the spread of the virus. At the same time, every state in the United States is divided by
parties because some people want to be blocked, while others don’t want to shut down the
economy. Some states severely affected by the pandemic have been locked in to ensure that they
accommodate more and more coronavirus patients and have begun to overburden hospitals. In
addition, scientists have been trying to understand the virus in an attempt to develop a vaccine to
help protect people from the virus.
The United States and China’s Response to Coronavirus
In 2020, the world is facing a sudden pandemic of “Coronavirus.” Coronavirus is a type of
RNA virus with envelope and linear single strand positive chain genome (Christensen &
Senthilingam, 2020). Coronavirus is one of the main pathogens of the common cold in adults.
The current coronavirus pandemic has disrupted a significant portion of the world with the virus
affecting every country globally, both in terms of the health and the economic aspect, such as
China and the United States. Similarly, the social lives of different countries have been
significantly affected by the coming of the virus (Christensen & Senthilingam, 2020). The virus
is unknown and new to scientists, making the management of it an uphill task since no
information could be provided to help people in its diagnosis and treatment at the beginning of
the pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, there was no information being shared among
countries on how best to handle the pandemic and ensure minimum damage (Christensen &
Senthilingam, 2020). Over time, scientists and other stakeholders have tried to get as much
information as possible from different patients who have the virus. Many people can argue that
the virus ensured a steep learning curve for the scientists since they needed to gather information
and understand the disease as soon as possible as case rates were rising across the world. Once
information was gathered and thoroughly researched, it would be easier to try and develop
vaccines that could be used to treat the virus since there was no clear prescribed medication for
the virus. Other scientists have been trying to understand the virus to try and develop a vaccine
that would help people not get affected by the virus (Wang et al., 2020). Thus, there have been
numerous efforts made by different researchers around the world to ensure they develop the right
medication or vaccine that would help in getting rid of the virus.
China and the United States are two countries that have taken different routes in combating
the virus, especially in how the virus is spread. What methods did they take to fight against each
other? What is the course of the epidemic? However, the two countries were significantly
affected at different times, which would help one understand why the two different governments
took such different approaches. The two countries’ approaches became focal points in the
pandemic, which makes them adequate examples that can be studied to help one understand how
they handled the pandemic.
Response to coronavirus – China
China was the origin of the coronavirus. The virus began spreading in the country, after cases
were first discovered in Wuhan, with the first cases being reported in the beginning of December
2019. The country dealt with the first cases in ways that attracted criticism since there was no
transparency in how different cases were handled. From the onset, there were claims that doctors
were not spreading information about the virus or even if there was a virus. However, there are
claims that the virus might have been reported earlier in the country, but the government
withheld the information. Even in December 2019, any information that was brought forward
was considered to have been false, and the doctors were reprimanded for spreading such
information (Christensen & Senthilingam, 2020). The doctors in the Wuhan region started
raising concerns about attending to patients with symptoms similar to Sars Cov 2. Towards the
end of December, cases were multiplying with numerous individuals getting sick and there were
no steps taken by the government to help contain the virus. The government started taking action
on December 30, 2019 when they gave instructions to the hospitals in the Wuhan region to be
aware of patients with pneumonia-like symptoms, which had unclear causes (Li et al., 2020).
The virus was identified on January 8, 2020 after extensive research and the virus was positively
identified as the new coronavirus. After the reveal, the Chinese government then made the virus
public’s genome available on January 9th, making it easier for other people to develop the virus’s
testing capacity. The genome type release was critical in helping the world understand the
relationship that the virus had with the other previous viruses such as the Sars and Mers viruses.
With the information that different scientists had about past viruses that the new virus was
related to, it became easier for them to understand the new virus. The country then tried to
establish if there was person to person spread of the virus. At first, the Chinese government was
adamant that there is no person-to-person spread of the virus. The government continued to have
political meetings, especially in the Hubei province, which later became the epicenter since there
was no person to person spread. Person to person spread was confirmed on January 20, 2020. On
January 21st, the government started reporting about the virus on a national scale, especially
through the state newspaper since that was the date that the paper published the coronavirus
information, and it was detailing how the government is trying to deal with the virus (Fujun, et
al., 2020). On January 23rd, the city of Wuhan and other nearby cities were put under lockdown.
The same day, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus an international health
crisis. There was an influx in patient numbers and the government had to set up new temporary
hospitals from the ground up as all hospitals began filling up quickly. The government later
banned wild animals’ sales since they discovered that the virus had originated from a wild
animals’ market. Due to the strict enforcement of the lockdown measures, the country could
control the number of coronavirus infections in the country. Once China understood how it
spread and how it can be contained, China tried to ensure that its citizens could not spread the
disease. Although China was the first to get the virus, after obtaining more information they took
quick measures to lockdown and stop the virus from spreading any further.
Response to coronavirus – The United States
The United States had some critical information on how to handle coronavirus before it came
to the U.S. due to China’s experiences. However, the U.S. now has about a quarter of the total
reported cases globally. There has been significant spread of the virus within the borders
considering the United States was one of the first countries to close its borders to China and
other countries considered to have a significant number of Coronavirus related cases. When the
virus arrived in the U.S., the federal government delegated the responsibility of containing the
virus to the states to oversee. The federal government was to act as the backup, especially when
it comes to healthcare provision activities (Fan, 2020). Each state is divided by parties with some
people wanting to be locked down, while others don’t want to shut down the economy. Some of
the states that were significantly affected by the pandemic went into lockdown to ensure that
they contained the growing number of coronavirus patients that had started overwhelming the
hospitals. Makeshift hospitals were set up in cities such as New York. The U.S. required
different pieces of equipment needed to ensure that coronavirus patients were taken care of.
Ventilators were one of the pieces of equipment needed, especially to cater to developing
breathing problems. There were differences in different states, making it harder for the different
states to effect changes and ensure they acted in the same way, especially between the mayors
and the governors. For example, in states where the mayor and the governor were from different
parties, there were evident differences between the two parties (Mills et al., 2020). Every party
wanted to adopt a different approach, which made it hard for states such as Texas and Florida to
have the right policies to contain the virus. The result was a significant surge in the number of
patients where there were no measures. The federal government has been blamed for the rise in
cases since they left the responsibility of managing the pandemic to states divided among party
lines. One could say that the rise in coronavirus cases and the current state of the pandemic in the
U.S. is primarily due to the policies that were developed by the federal government.
Although each country has taken a different approach to help them control the virus, each
government has worked in some ways to ensure that they develop through joint efforts. The issue
of treatment and the virus’s vaccine has been critical to every scientist since there is a need to
have a vaccine or medication ready as soon as possible. There have been different collaborations
between scientists and pharmaceutical companies advancing the research on how they can get
either a cure or a vaccine. However, the most useful tool has been considered to be a vaccine
since it will prevent one from acquiring the virus. Different vaccines are still in its trial stage
since there is a need to ensure that the vaccines will not cause more harm than good. China was
among the first countries to develop a vaccine tested in humans and has been known to be
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approach to management warranted? https://doi.org/10.1016/S22132600(20)30304-0
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know. CNN. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/20/health/what-is-coronavirusexplained/index.htm

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